This simple request will make Siri cuss at you

04 May, 2018, 10:06 | Author: Jeannette Greene
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But things got weird once users asked it for the second definition. "By replying 'Yes", Siri then says 'As a noun, it means 'short for motherfucker".

The problem with asking Siri to define the word mother stems from the fact that it is pulling the definition from the Oxford Dictionary - a trusted source, but also one that offers the "motherf*cker" definition as the secondary meaning for the word "mother".

The error was first figured out by users in Reddit's r/Apple subreddit and the similar results were found on various other devices of Apple including iPhone 5S and all the above devices up to iPhone X, even iPads.

While it might seem unusual, it's worth noting that Siri seems to be pulling its response in this case from information it's getting on the Oxford Dictionary website.

The video shows an iPhone owner asking Siri to "define the word mother". In the Oxford Dictionary, the word is listed as a short for a "vulgar slang", but Siri does not include that descriptor and simply states the slang as it is. Driven primarily by voice, there is no quick way for users to screen results and stop the assistants before they blurt out something private, sensitive, or inappropriate.

Ironically, if you curse at Siri, she'll call you out on it and make you feel awful about yourself. Apple will most probably alter the way it pulls answers for this specific word in a silent update to Siri over the next couple of days... but in the meantime, give it a go yourself!

Apple hasn't done anything yet to stop Siri from spitting out swear words unexpectedly. A month ago it was reported that Apple is hiring more engineers to work on improving its Siri.



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