UN Security Council to meet friday on Syria crisis

14 April, 2018, 11:55 | Author: Dustin Murphy
  • Russia warns any U.S. missiles fired at Syria will be shot down

Trump´s anger and apparent determination was quickly matched by France´s President Emmanuel Macron, who signed his country up for a joint response.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Wednesday that the USA wasn't afraid to target Russian assets in its strike on Syria, but a report from a Russian website says the U.S. has been coordinating with Russia to avoid hitting its troops, and will provide a list of targets before a strike to avoid escalating warfare between the world's two greatest nuclear powers.

Mattis said he personally believes Syria is guilty of an "inexcusable" use of chemical weapons, while noting that the worldwide fact-finding team would likely fall short of determining who was responsible.

What is the crisis about?

The World Health Organization condemned the suspected use of toxic chemicals in the rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta in the Syrian city of Douma over the weekend.

The Syrian government said it would facilitate the mission's investigation, which was to begin Saturday.

Trump wrote on Twitter, "Never said when an attack on Syria would take place". The warning from Moscow came during a divided meeting of the UN Security Council which failed to pass any measures to set up an inquiry into the alleged attack.

Such a strike would amount to a punitive action against Syria for what the United States and its allies consider blatant use of chemical weapons against civilian populations within the country, but they still carry the risk of sparking war with Russian Federation.

France and the United States also backed down after the Syrian regime, in a deal between Russian Federation and America, agreed to eliminate its chemical weapons.

At least 70 people were killed in two suspected chemical attacks on the Syrian town last Saturday.

Activists from the Violations Documentation Center (VDC), an opposition network which records alleged violations of worldwide law in Syria, reported two separate incidents of bombs believed to contain toxic substances being dropped by the Syrian Air Force. Would a US strike trigger a widening conflict in a part of Syria where its leverage is limited? It was not clear whether the presence of the investigators could affect the timing of any US military action.

The investigators, who are only mandated to determine if chemical weapons were used and not who used them, were expected to start their investigations into the Douma incident on Saturday, the Netherlands-based organisation said.

Russian Federation says threats by the USA and France to launch a military aggression against Syria violate the UN Charter, calling on the West to "seriously consider" the consequences of such intimidation. "And yes, incidentally. Have they warned the [Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons] inspectors that now smart rockets will annihilate all evidence of chemical weapons on the ground?"

NBC News reported Tuesday that Russian Federation has learned how to use Global Positioning System jammers to limit the capabilities of USA drones operating over Syria.

The USS Donald Cook, an Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, is within easy striking range of Syria, as is a French frigate with its own cruise missiles.

In addition, the Americans have long-range subsonic B-52 bombers, which they have deployed and used on targets in the region before. We tell everything. We're sending troops.

Assad's government and its ally Russian Federation have called the allegations "fabrications".

Among the reasons Democrats nominated Barack Obama and America elected him was that his opponents, Hillary Clinton and John McCain, supported the Iraq War Obama opposed.

At the House hearing, Democrats grilled Mattis on the wisdom and legality of Trump ordering an attack on Syria without explicit authorization from Congress. Mattis argued it would be justified as an act of self-defense, with 2,000 US ground troops in Syria; he insisted he could not talk about military plans because an attack "is not yet in the offing".

It could bring into play the advanced, but as yet untested, S-400 air defence system. Syria has moved most of its jets to bases with Russian protection in fear of the coming strike. The UK's Rivet Joint surveillance aircraft are also available.

"A combined operation with the armed forces of France and the United Kingdom is now under way".

With its nuclear-powered Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier undergoing refitting, France has deployed sailors and aviators on board the USA aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush for training and joint operations.



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