Beware! An iMessage Bug Can Crash iOS with a Single Text Message

19 January, 2018, 01:46 | Author: Jeannette Greene
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There's an annoying new message going around which is crashing iPhones, iPads, and Macs with nothing more than a simple link.

BBC News says the bug isn't exclusive to Apple's portable devices that run on iOS software.

The bug is activated by simply sending a message containing a link which pointed to code on the programming site GitHub.

The bug was discovered by Abraham Masri and he said it can also slow down Safari browser that is used to surf the internet on Mac computers. "My main goal was to reach out to Apple and say, 'Hey, you've been ignoring my bug reports.' I always report the bug before releasing something", the developer said. Messages app will not load any messages and will continue to crash.

"The bug I released was to get @Apple's attention". This unfortunate effect is the outcome of the app preloading the page with the code that causes the issue, crashing the app before you can even click the link. Once the link is clicked on, it will affect the user and sender of the link.

"I found a (small) bug that causes device to freeze, respring, drains battery, and/or sometimes panic", Masri tweeted. It now appears Github banned Masri, effectively taking down the link. The solution offered is to force close the Messages app, reopening it to erase the entire conversation thread and restarting the device.

Masri has since deleted the code, but it's highly likely others have copied it.

He claimed Apple needed to "take such bugs more seriously", in a series of tweets detailing the flaw, dubbed chaiOS. Until a fix is officially released, you can't do much to work around the issue, especially if you receive a link to an unknown website.

The bug - named ChaiOS - seems to be causing issues for iOS from 10.0 and above.



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