Dozens of South Florida Children Find Adoptive Homes at Miami Event

19 November, 2017, 00:55 | Author: Wilson Dawson
  • Over 200 children were adopted at the Maricopa County Juvenile court in Phoenix on Nov. 18 for National Adoption Day

About 50 families brought new children into their "forever" homes as part of a local "National Adoption Day" event.

One of the first to be adopted Friday was Kiara, a bubbly 6 ½ year old who has lived with her adoptive parents for about a year.

"We expected her to get them back but as we grew with the kids and the kids stayed longer we just enjoyed them, loved them and I just didn't want to give them back", Ida said. With our partners in the private sector, we work hard to find the right fit, the right family to foster and sometimes adopt our children. "I've met very, very nice people in the whole process, and this moment is just - boy, I can hardly describe it", she said with tears in her eyes. "It's so worth it for the kids".

"We watch these children come in abused, neglected and abandoned and now we watch them leave in a safe loving nurturing home", said the Honorable Cindy Lederman from the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court Judge in Juvenile Division.

"It's a celebration", she said, "and I think that (the families) so appreciate being recognized by us making this day extra special for them with the reception and all the food".

The Department of Children and Families estimated that 74 adoption ceremonies took place in juvenile courthouses across CT.

"You've been a family in here, but we are not just signing the paperwork", Newman said in his remarks. "I was divorced and my only child had moved out", I met (Jacob, her oldest boy) and fell in love".

Editorial: Adoption makes a big difference in a child's life
Dozens of children adopted out of Lafayette foster care in "Mass Adoption" event

States with child welfare license-to-discriminate laws allow agencies to turn away prospective adoptive parents based on religious criteria, legally refusing adoption to parents who are single, divorced, LGBTQ, or of a different religion, thereby leaving children in the system longer than necessary or sometimes permanently.

She "looked at the kids and what made sense for them and the decisions became more clear", said Brody, the acting regional director of DCF's northern regional office.

"It's always a joyful day", Siebert said.

To the adopting families, Smith said, "Thank you for taking a chance".

In poignant comments, Judge Newman commended the adoptive parents, who are giving these children "a home, care and loving". A baby could be heard crying in the background.

There was plenty of clapping in courtrooms across Connecticut Friday due to "National Adoption Day".



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