Total Eclipse: The Greatest Show Above Earth

30 August, 2017, 02:05 | Author: Devin Moran
  • Total Eclipse: The Greatest Show Above Earth

Thousands flocked to Missouri on Monday to see the first total eclipse in the 40 years.

The moon's shadow traveled from the West Coast to the East Coast of the United States with only a narrow zone - called the path of totality - experiencing the total solar eclipse.

Baily's Beads effect are just barely visible as the sun's corona peeks out from behind the moon during the total solar eclipse on Monday, as seen from Weiser, Idaho. A video submitted to WHSV by Patrick Flanagan, showing a timelapse of the eclipse over Silver Lake, can also be watched above.

In Livingston County, eclipse watchers saw the moon obscure about 71 percent of the sun.

According to a projection created by, the full total eclipse in Batavia will last 223 seconds between 3:19 3:22 p.m. that Monday and a partial eclipse for almost two and a half hours.

April Rosenthal, the visitor who'd been in Casper for a month, said she and her husband are already making plans for the next one.

It is theorised (and based on our investigation of the moon's composition and what we understand about the universe) that in the early solar system there were any number of planets formed from the accretion disk that circled the sun.

The 2024 total solar eclipse will begin in Mexico before sweeping up the continent through the US and the Great Lakes into Canada. Often this line of totality is in locations uninhabited and very hard to reach.

Anyway, Hopkinsville can use the economic boost that 150,000 people can offer when they invade a typical small Southern town of 32,000 for a day and a half.

Wanda Spruill of Leicester recalled watching the 1979 eclipse through a pinhole projector.

"We'll make sure they're safe", he said. Visitor April Rosenthal said she didn't mind paying if she knew it meant she and her husband, Paul, would have a reserved spot.

The total eclipse was a welcome diversion to the hatred, division and senseless violence that has occurred across the country.

"It's happening, it's eclipsing!" said one viewer. Why was Monday's eclipse so important? For example, NBC News reported in March of this year that Astronomer Jay Pasachoff would be traveling to study the solar corona, which apparently contains numerous sun's remaining secrets, like space weather. On a whim, I asked to borrow a pair of eclipse viewing glasses. Maybe you're stuck in the office, traveling, at an ill-timed appointment, the victim of bad weather, unable to procure eclipse glasses, driving or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Executive Director of the Wyoming Eclipse Festival Anna Wilcox said it was fantastic to look at.

If you miss the next total solar eclipse in 2024, there won't be another in the contiguous United States until August 2044.

The eclipse quickly approached totality and the sun shrank down to a sliver.

A five-year-old watching the Batavia's 2024 eclipse will be a sprightly 125 when it happens again - October 26, 2144. When it was in the highest totality phase, of course that's when all the clouds came.



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