Public Solar Eclipse Viewing Party at Science Spectrum

03 August, 2017, 01:08 | Author: Devin Moran
  • Solar eclipse frequently asked questions: Do I need special glasses? Will my dog be safe?

Simply choose a location - you can click the map or enter an address or landmark in the search bar, then choose your ideal spot as the map zooms in - and you'll immediately find out whether you'll see a partial or total eclipse from that location.

In Indianapolis, the moon will cover 91.5-percent of the sun at the peak of the eclipse.

The eclipse begins in OR at 1:15 p.m.

Make sure you have the right equipment to view and protect your eyes for this historic event taking place August 21.

NASA officials warned people against companies that seek to profit from counterfeit solar eclipse glasses as sales begin to rise before next month's solar total eclipse.

Additionally, the OMNI Theater will be offering special discounted screenings of the film Solar Max in the OMNI Theater at 11:00am and 2:00pm on this day for only $5.00 per person. The lenses of these paper or plastic framed glasses will be so obscuring that unless you are looking at something as bright as the sun, you won't see anything at all.

The eclipse will be visible across the continental United States and is the first of its kind since 1979. We kindly ask that parents please refrain from checking out students during the heightened part of the eclipse between 2 and 3 p.m. when teachers and staff may be engaged with students in safe viewing opportunities.

Looking directly at the eclipse without the proper solar filters is unsafe.

The good news is that these eclipse glasses are not particularly expensive.

Are you ready for the solar eclipse?

The lucky ones who live or will visit the 70 mile wide path of total eclipse running from the Pacific Northwest southeastward across the continental United States to SC, will witness daytime turn into night as the moon blocks out the sun.

Even if the sun is mostly not visible, or sun-gazers are in areas where it is only partially eclipsed, viewers should wear approved glasses to look at it. If only a portion of the sun is covered, it is called a partial eclipse.

They're also reserving the top floor of the parking garage across the street as a place where people to gather to view the spectacular event. "You want to have something that's safe", he explained.

This month's eclipse fortunately comes in August when skies tend to be clear.

We'll be covering the astronomical event - in its entirety on the 21st. "We will also have goggles and glasses specifically made to look at the sun". Floyd County Schools (FCS) will delay school dismissal that day by approximately 30 minutes to help ensure the safe viewing of the eclipse and a safe dismissal of students.



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